As a country of fragrances, music and colors, Spain is a country, which it is famous worldwide for its original, unique flavors.

We propose a journey through recipes that can only be found in these lands, with exquisite dishes cooked by famous chefs that have been passed from generation to generation creating a unique legacy.

Thousands of delicacies are housed in the most exclusive restaurants of this country to taste, recognized worldwide for its creative, innovative and diverse cuisine.

Precisely the history of Spanish gastronomy is the story of a continuous exchange of cultures between the regions themselves that make up the Iberian Peninsula and an historical connection with the rest of the world.

We invite you to a personalized Tapas tour, the heart of Spanish culture and way of life.

Tapas went from being a starter to become a way of life essential that means sociability, friends and family. Hallmark of Spanish cuisine, tapas are small treats that are savored in a bar hopping tour, accompanied by the best wine of Rioja, who kidnaps the covers of the most influential newspapers in the world. The word "tapas", derived from the Spanish verb ''tapar'' meaning "to cover." Tapa means "cover" in Spanish and is a reflection of the small snack located at the top of the glass of wine meant to protect it.

The extensive and varied Spanish cuisine boasts an infinity of refined dishes that brighten the atmosphere of establishments. La Tortilla, La Paella, El Gazpacho, Los Calamares en su tinta or Cocido Madrileño are true artworks of this unique cuisine.

Savor dishes, cooked with the most exquisite olive oil in the world, will offer you an unique experience of flavors, so different, as unrepeatable.